Friday, June 25, 2010

Do It. L.A. Record's 100 Festival.

Music publication L.A. Record is one of those local hard-working, grassroots efforts that unfortunately seems to go underappreciated most of the time. The free independent broadsheet is short but sweet, available at hip spots like Amoeba and Origami Vinyl, and all about promoting some of L.A.'s best musicians and artists from the bottom up--their website says they were the first to give bands like No Age and Cold War Kids interviews, and put others like Flying Lotus on the front page (which is usually fashioned after a well-known album cover).

And L.A. Record isn't backing down yet. Five years after their first issue, they're celebrating their 100th release, and bringing you along for the fun. The L.A. Record 100 Festival is kind of ridiculous, in the best way--purchase an L.A. Record 100 card for $24.99, and you instantly have the chance to head into about 100 of the city's best concerts for free or at a deep discount. That's right--A HUNDRED concerts featuring local and well-known bands, in the span of the next month. You can even bring some of your friends in for some of the shows too, with just one card. Beyond that, 100% of the proceeds from the card sales go to the CalArts Community Arts Partnership program.

Check out the entire list of available shows here, and get your card quickly--the kick-off concert with Abe Vigoda and a very special guest (which I'm going to guess has something to do with the ever-present-in-the-local-scene No Age guys) is tomorrow, and the shows only last until the end of July. And remember that some of the shows require RSVPing beforehand. Happy 100th issue, L.A. Record!

The L.A. Record 100 card is available online here, Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, {open} in Long Beach, or the kick-off show at the Nomad Gallery.

-- Chau Tu

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