Monday, June 6, 2011

Check It. Atlas Obscura.

Ahh, June. It's beginning to feel like summer, no? In any case, hopefully many of you are beginning to plan some trips and vacation. If so, time to bookmark your new favorite travel site.

I recently discovered Atlas Obscura through the travel issue of Brand X, and I've been scouring the various city entries ever since. The site is aimed all compiling information on all the fascinating and wonderful areas of the world, acting as a great guide for the traveler hoping to go beyond the tourist traps. All the info is provided in usual wiki fashion, meaning anyone can contribute their own finds, and others are encouraged to join and edit. It provides a great first-hand account of many of these places, and also often features insider local knowledge that you might not otherwise be able to know about if you're simply traveling through. I even enjoyed the fun entries the site had compiled for Los Angeles. Take time to explore your own area, or learn about something fun in your future vacation spot. And even if you're not going anywhere this summer, visit the Atlas Obscura blog for random interesting picks and lists. You're sure to discover something new and fun.

And if you're in need of another cool travel site, Wikitravel is always a favorite go-to of mine.

-- Chau Tu

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