Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the BEAT of the week: Damien Hirst at the Gagosian.

From encasing a shark in formaldehyde to encrusting a skull with diamonds, artist Damien Hirst has become world-famous for his creative risks. But the guy also knows how to market.

Take his latest social experiment: Hirst is holding his exhibition "The Complete Spot Paintings: 1986-2011" at 11 different Gagosian Galleries across the world -- simultaneously. More than 300 of the well-known spot paintings are included in the exhibition, and apparently have been divided amongst the galleries according to locality.

And get this -- if you happen to take on the Complete Spot Challenge, which means visiting all of the galleries (including Hong Kong, Athens, Rome and so on) in a matter of about two months to see all of the paintings, you can recieve a signed spot print by Hirst, dedicated personally to you. Considering one of his pieces easily take in tens of millions of dollars, I'd wager that somehow could actually be worth the trouble.

But if you're not inclined to travel the world to see spots, you can simply visit our own Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. The exhibit will continue until Feb. 10. Spot on!

Damien Hirst's "The Complete Spot Paintings: 1986-2011" is showing until Feb. 10 at the Gagosian Gallery, located at 456 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly Hills.

-- Chau Tu

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