Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the BEAT of the week: Weegee's 'Naked Hollywood' at MOCA.

The photographer known as Weegee (real name Arthur Felling) became famous for his stark and unflinchingly realistic pictures of crime scenes in New York. But in 1947, he moved to Los Angeles, and he didn't spare our fair city from his lens. Out came photos of Hollywood stars, strippers, costume shops and naked mannequins, in a style that could only be described as 'naked.'Link
"Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles" is the first museum exhibition devoted to the work the photographer produced in Southern California. It tells the story not only of a photographer who worked diligently to portray an unashamed world, but also of that of the strange, strange world itself -- Los Angeles. You might be surprised to see what Weegee unearthed.

"Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles" is showing until Feb. 27 at MOCA, located at 250 S. Grand Ave. in downtown.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: MOCA

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