Friday, April 8, 2011

Check It. Ledjam Radio.

One of the many gifts of the internet is that there are plethora of good radio stations and music sites that bring obscure and interesting bands to the forefront.

I love 8track, "handcrafted internet radio", where individuals create playlists and you can search by mood, band/group, or keyword (like "birthday," "happy," or "breakfast").

Another gem is Ledjam Radio, an "eclectic" radio station based out of Paris. Among the styles that appear on the show are jazz, funk, house, and a variety of very talented bands and musicians that are new to me.

I've found some amazing artists on both of these, and it has certainly helped me get through those hours at work when your mind begins to doze.

So enjoy the good music and happy Friday!

-- Lauren Williams

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