Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Check It. Pictogram movie posters.

I have a soft spot for posters. A really, really soft spot. Something about the combination of my love for art and my love for pop culture, probably. So when I see a good poster, my heart aches a bit.

It did a bit for the Pictogram movie posters. The work of artist Viktor Hertz, these movie posters are nearly the epitome of minimalism, using simple pictogram imagery to portray a key scene or theme from a film. There's just something so great about that little devil tail coming out of that cradle for Rosemary's Baby, or the figure of the tall house from Up. And it's simplicity like that that often makes the best kind of poster.

Check out all of Hertz's creations here, with more expected to be added in the future. And if your heart ached a bit too, posters start at around $24 each (and are also waterproof?), which is a pretty great price for some great art.

-- Chau Tu

Image credit:
Copyright, all rights reserved by Viktor Hertz

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