Saturday, April 30, 2011

Check It. Honesty Day.

Today, April 30, is Honesty Day. Ok, so it's not one of the major holidays, but if I can "celebrate" a holiday by drinking delicious organic iced tea, I'm going to go there.

Before you take a sip of Honest Tea's Heavenly Lemon Tulsi tea, you can smell in the clove-like aroma of the tulsi how good it's going to be. It's one of the newer products for the brand, first introduced last fall, and I think it will be a keeper.

Native to India, tulsi is also called "holy basil", and is one of the most important plants used in Ayurvedic medicine, and is grown around Hindu temples. Dr. Andrew Weil notes the herb's importance for treating stress, "The most compelling evidence I've reviewed indicates that holy basil may counteract the effects of stress."

And who doesn't love some good lemon in iced tea? Heavenly Lemon Tulsi contains lemongrass and lemon peel (as well as lemon myrtle, lemon juice concentrate, and lemon extract--all organic).

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

Photo credit: the BEAT

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