Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do It. The GOOD 30-Day Challenge.

Now that you've taken off that wonderful holiday celebrating your labor, it's time to get down to some real work. The ever-positively-refreshing GOOD magazine is urging everyone take part in its GOOD 30-Day Challenge over the course of September. The big theme? Connecting with people. Here's what the mag has to say about it:

With the internet age not only upon us, but so intertwined into our lives that living without the web seems impossible, sometimes we forget to talk to each other. Sure, we tweet, text, Facebook, Google+, Gchat, and AIM constantly—it's not that we don't communicate. But how often do we actually talk?

So it's time to connect -- IRL, so the kids say (that's "in real life," in case you needed that defined). Already, day one has challenged people to send someone a postcard. A real, snail mail postcard. Ain't that cute? A great way to reconnect with an old friend, and share some news in a quick and easy way. Day two? Have a conversation with a service employee.

It's a wonder how much a little consideration can bring so much good. Do your part, and check out each day at 5:30PST every September day for your next challenge, and follow-up with #30DaysofGOOD.

-- Chau Tu

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