Monday, January 10, 2011

Eat In. Melitta single-cup coffee filter.

Right before I left for Santiago, Chile I was lamenting the lack of coffee in my life. To not drink coffee while in South America, it seems almost criminal. But coffee machines are too bulky, and being that I never know how long I'll stay, it hardly seems worth the investment in a good machine.

Just before I left, however, friend generously gave me her Melitta coffee filter, which is perfect for me. I'm the only habitual coffee drinker in the house, and it's light, easily portable, and affordable.

It fits snugly over a mug and brews just one cup, which is perfect for me. So if you just want one cup without investing in a bulky or expensive machine this is just the thing. And I bet it would be good to take camping.

A Melitta coffee filter costs just under $17.50 on and requires size No. 2 coffee filters.

-- Lauren Williams

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