Monday, January 3, 2011

Make It. Whiter clothes [A clean house on the cheap].

In a past incarnation of my life, I worked at a dry cleaners and one of my few responsibilities was making the concoction for getting clothes whiter. I always imagined dry cleaners using some special mixture of chemicals and detergents that the average person can't find at the regular supermarket, but in fact all the products we used were available to anyone with a Costco membership card.

To whiten clothes, just soak the clothes overnight (or longer) in cold water in a mixture of one small scoop of Oxiclean and one small scoop detergent (Kirkland works really well). The next day, (or two days later if that's possible) just wring out your clothes and wash in a white cycle with no other detergent. Just clear water. Dry as usual.

It is amazing how much grime and dirt comes off your clothes using this method, even if you're a tidy person. I love doing this so much I asked for Oxiclean for Christmas to take home to Chile.

-- Lauren Williams

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