Monday, January 24, 2011

Eat Out. Brunch at the Chateau Marmont.

We had an impromptu fancy Sunday brunch yesterday, at a place I'd never brunched before: the Chateau Marmont. The legendary hotel has a great bar (Bar Marmont) and the restaurant is a well-known dinner destination (they're famous for steak frites). Brunch was something I had just never considered.

On the drive over, around 11:15 a.m., we passed the ridiculous Griddle Cafe, with their usual huge crowd outside, all waiting for tables where they'd consume huge stacks of pancakes while listening to blaring music.

For about the same cost (maybe a few dollars more), we got a shaded table for three on the serene patio of L.A.'s coolest hotel immediately. A giant pot of coffee, croque madame, pancakes, eggs benedict, iced teas, and bloody marys later, we were extremely satisfied with the service and the food, and of course the setting. We even spotted a hot Hollywood director. The patio is really good for seeing celebrities.

If you can't make it to West Hollywood to experience the Chateau yourself, it's featured in some films, including Laurel Canyon and Somewhere (I'd recommend Laurel Canyon of the two). There's also a great out-of-print book, The Chateau Marmont Hollywood Handbook available on Amazon.

Chateau Marmont Hotel and Bungalows is located at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Info: (323) 656-1010,

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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