Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Monthly BEAT: Venice. The Dude's house.

For the last in our series of Venice posts, we're featuring a special piece of real estate.

If you enjoy the 1998 Coen brothers masterpiece The Big Lebowski as much as I do, you'll be interested to know that The Dude's house is up for sale.

The recently renovated Venice, Calif. bungalows (six one-bedroom cottages, being sold as a group) are close to Abbot Kinney and the beach. The asking price for the compound is $2,295,000.

Stopping by for a photo op sounds like fun to me, then maybe ducking into a local bar for a White Russian, or Lemonade for lunch.

Info: 606-608 Venezia Avenue in Venice, Calif.,

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-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

Photo credit: Bulldog Realtors

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