Monday, May 17, 2010

Eat Out. Lemonade.

Here in L.A., I drink lemonade year-round, but it definitely has the feel of being a summery beverage. This past warm weekend, I checked out the original Lemonade on Beverly Blvd. for some uniquely flavored lemonade, as well as a delicious caprese panini. It's a great casual lunch spot, with lots of options of gourmet side salads (Joan's on Third style), dutch oven stews, and even buttermilk chicken breasts.

I had the blueberry mint lemonade, and Hank had watermelon rosemary--both good, blueberry mint better. We were also curious to try the peach ginger, which the girl working there said was heavy on the ginger, so it seemed a bit risky to commit to. I bet the traditional is delicious.

The West Hollywood location is on a very nice stretch of Beverly Blvd., with little tables filling an outdoor space complete with yellow umbrellas. Other locations include Venice, Calif., Downtown L.A., and at MOCA.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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