Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check It. Gelson's.

In a big city like Los Angeles, we have so many choices of supermarkets, they should all constantly be on their toes, bringing their A-game if you will. That's not exactly the case, but Gelson's is one that consistently impresses. Yes, it's on the expensive side, but after debating for years if it's worth it, I decided yesterday it is.

The Gelson's on Hyperion and Griffith Park in Silver Lake is especially wonderful. Not only do they have the widest selection of cold drinks (from Blue Moon's Honey Moon Summer Ale to every flavor of Snapple to Honest Tea, to Diet Cherry Coke) of anywhere I've seen, the checkers and baggers are friendly, the manager is stellar, and they have ample convenient parking.

Olive bar? Check. Fresh organic fruit juice, check. Spicy tuna cut roll on soy paper? Ahh, that last one would throw most supermarkets for a loop--not Gelson's, $7.29, and it's super fresh, with fluffy rice that doesn't taste like refrigeration. What's great about Gelson's is, you can buy big brand products (who doesn't like Lay's?) as well as smaller, more gourmet brands, like La Brea Bakery breads, a variety of French brie cheeses, and Tate's Bake Shop cookies.

A fun side note--this Gelson's was the original Disney Studios, when Walt and his brother Roy lived just up the street.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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