Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat In. Paceña.

I almost always hate pilsners. To me, they quite often are flat, lacking in flavor, and everything a beer should not be. I am not a Stella drinker (usually), and I just really hate pilsners.

But the one pils that makes me want to reconsider my harsh judgement of this type of beer is Paceña, a tasty beer from Bolivia and also a member of the pilsner family.

It's nice and effervescent, with a good amount of flavor without being overbearing. In Bolivia this beer is akin to drinking Budweiser or Coors in the states, except this is actually tasty and pleasant to drink (Sorry, Coors).

If you're in the market to expand your pool of favorite beers or want to try a few South American brews a few other quality beers are Quilmes from Argentina, this blue and white labeled beer (easy to remember because of the resemblance to the Argentina's flag) is widely carried in the States, and last I checked can be found at Trader Joe's.

Austral, a nice Chilean ale, and Kuntsmann, another yummy micro brew beer from skinny Chile's Valdivia region where many German communities can be found, are worth a try. Very nice.

Nothing compares to my two favorite artisanal Chilean beers though: Kross (Golden is phenomenal) and Capital are nothing short of fantastic. Definitely up there on my favorite beers list.

Buen provecho!

-- Lauren Williams

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