Monday, May 17, 2010

Check It. The Cure's 'Disintegration' rarities [The Monday Download].

The Cure is set to re-release its opus album, Disintegration, in a deluxe edition on June 8th. Included will be remastered versions of all the songs--including the classics "Lovesong" and "Pictures of You"--plus 20 previously unreleased rarities, a live recording of a full show from 1989, and a booklet full of art and commentary. Throw in the fact that the entire release has been produced and compiled by frontman Robert Smith himself, and it's undoubtedly a must-have for any Cure fan.

To commemorate the release, the band has put up a website at, which not only has lyrics to all your favorite songs and other fun internet extras, but now allows you to stream 20 MORE rare songs that they couldn't fit onto the album. Then on May 24th, you'll be able to stream another live show from 1989. Time to relive the '80s, in all its gloomy, gothy glory!

NB: Considering all this awesome streaming going on and the high-tech interactivity, the site seems to slow down any other computer activity a bit. Gotta make room for the Cure in your life.

-- Chau Tu

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