Thursday, May 6, 2010

Etc. Hangover remedies.

The day after Cinco de Mayo ranks somewhere up there with New Year's Day as a national (and I suppose even international) day of being hungover. With tequila-based margaritas being the drink of choice for 'Cinco', there are likely some brutal mornings occurring this seis de Mayo.

Hopefully the fifth of May falling mid-week this year allowed for a more moderate celebration, but if you overdid it yesterday, here are some tips toward recovery:

Hydrate! The photo above is a box of 'Emergen-C' packets, satchels of powder that contain a lot of vitamins, including a lot of Vitamin C, that you add to water. I like to add two satchels worth of powder to a regular sized bottle of water (Arrowhead works well). It tastes great, and has a nice fizziness to it that will taste extra-good to your sad dry hungover mouth.

Eat. I know it sounds awful, and you'd really rather not, but the faster to eat something, the better you'll feel. That said, if you really can't, wait it out, and when you finally feel like you can eat something, you're likely on the fast track to feeling good again. Bagels, toast, crackers, or even a hearty soup are all good options.

Good luck!

Emergen-C is available at most supermarkets. Whole Foods has the best flavor variety I've seen and even sells the packets individually at the counter.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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