Monday, May 3, 2010

Eat Out. The Library.

A fresh, tasty cup of coffee is the perfect thing to start the week with, for me, and The Library is a great Long Beach gem for coffee fiends.

Crafty coffee concoctions, a variety of teas, and tasty snacks abound at the the smallish shop on Broadway.

The space is excellent with a quite atmosphere (even though it has a piano in the second room), and is often a hangout for college students. There are also shelves of free books for readers to share and soft cozy couches and chairs to relax and read in while sipping at a handcrafted drink.

If you're in the Long Beach area, and need a good cup of coffee on the way into work this definitely a great place to swing by, or come by at night and spend some time just relaxing with a book.

The Library is located at 3412 E. Broadway.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Yelp!

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