Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check It. Stone Temple Pilots.

The Stone Temple Pilots were big in the '90s, and today they're back. The Los Angeles by way of San Diego band won an MTV "Best New Artist" award in 1993, and a Grammy in 1994. With hits like "Plush" and "Vasoline" in the past, the new eight track self-titled reunion album is sure to have at least one song that will take its place within the hits of this decade.

Hopefully this is a sign that Scott Weiland is doing well with on-again off-again drug habit that has created a lot of trouble for the band over the years.

The Washington Post calls it "Genial and pop-centric". Leslie Bargar Suter of Los Angeles magazine (formerly of Filter) wrote up the album in their May issue's "Coming Attractions", and noted that the self-produced CD "feels a little clean".

Maybe clean is a good thing for these guys.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

Photo credit: Stone Temple Pilots

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