Monday, May 10, 2010

Do It. Help make the 'Inception' dream documentary.

If you saw Iron Man 2 this weekend, you probably caught the latest trailer for Inception, the new film by The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan. With frozen, floating bodies, streets folding onto themselves and Nolan's mind-warped filmography (Memento, Following), this probably won't be an easy film to follow, but it still looks nothing short of amazing.

And apparently, you can have a chance in being a part of it--sort of. Inception's plot has to do with dreams, and in conjunction with the film will be the release of a documentary about dreams, directed by Oscar-nominated documentarian Roko Belic. Now, according to Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, via a blog on his film community website, people can contribute their own short films to be part of the documentary.

The video here explains the project in better detail, but basically the documentary needs people to interpret common dream themes like teeth falling out, falling, flying, etc. into creative short films/animations/visuals for cutaways in the doc. You can also make music, or compile a bunch of images.

So get working, creative BEATs! It's undoubtedly a cool chance to take part in a project for a sure-to-be-monumental film, or at least get involved with JGL's fun collaborative project hitRECord. Have fun, and let us know if you end up participating--we'd love to see your contributions!

-- Chau Tu

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