Monday, August 1, 2011

Check It. 'Stroked' [The Monday Download].

Warning: this post will probably make you feel very old.

The Strokes' Is This It is now officially a decade old. TEN years. !!! It's been ten years since you first heard those oh so familiar and now oh so classic first chords of "Last Nite," ten years since Julian Casablancas oh so distinct mumble-drawl caught your ears, ten years since you couldn't get this New York, too cool for school, leather jacket- and skinny jean-wearing dudes out of your brain. A lot has been said about the garage rock revival that The Strokes helped to revolutionize those years ago, and a lot more has been said about what has happened to them since.

But neither here nor there, it's time to reminisce. Or maybe even better -- pay tribute. Stereogum's put together another one of their cover compilations, this time honoring none other than Is This It. And as usual, they've got some pretty great names and bands contributing, from Real Estate to The Morning Benders to Peter Bjorn and John to Owen Pallett. Everyone's got their own feelings about cover songs, but either way, they do serve their purpose: making you rethink the original in a new and fresh way. And the notes the musicians gave on The Strokes and their songs are pretty interesting as well.

Worth your time and listen -- at least until you're ready to spin the original again. Listen and download here.

-- Chau Tu

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