Monday, August 15, 2011

Check It. Attack the Block.

It's a peculiar thing watching Attack the Block while being aware of all the riots and madness going on in London and surrounding whereabouts right now. There's a youthful grittiness that's almost all too real in this film, and can hit particularly hard if you think about it too much.

Thankfully, there's enough fast-moving action, witty remarks and just plain heart to distract you and have you enjoy this fun-filled adventure of a film. Attack the Block was directed by first-time director Joe Cornish, a friend of Edgar Wright (who also produced the film), and it's obvious that Cornish looks up to Wright's fast-cut storytelling pace. It's refreshing, keeps the movie young and holds well with the script's banter.

I went into the theater not knowing much anything about the plotline, and I think other moviegoers should do the same. But if you're curious, the basic story follows a group of British teenagers as they encounter a pretty crazy, out-of-this-world (wink wink) night. I was extremely impressed by the cast of actors -- many of them young and new and right of the gate (similar to Super 8 earlier this year; the kids are killing it!). They really help to bring you into this South London world, and you strangely might not ever want to leave.

Attack the Block is playing at the Arclight theaters, L.A. Live and other theaters.

-- Chau Tu

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