Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Check It. Andy Warhol x incase.

These days, it can be really difficult to stride the fine line of honoring art by commercializing it, or doing it a disservice. The Andy Warhol Foundation, thankfully, is doing it all right. It hasn't been scared to put Warhol's enigmatic art out in this world, but it also hasn't done it too much. And that's mostly because it's chosen the right sort of classy projects.

Like this one. This collection could be the sole reason for wanting an iPhone 4, or for returning my beloved DODOcase. Available as cases for your laptop, iPad, and iPhone, the Andy Warhol x incase collection is the perfect way to bring some Pop Art into your life. The designs include Elvis (one of my most favorite Warhol pieces), Camouflage, Flowers and Cow Wallpaper. And the best news: they're all pretty affordable and in the normal price range for designed cases, with the iPhone cases starting at $40 and iPad cases at $80. Some pieces are only available for preorder right now, so get on it now in case you miss out on this great collaboration.

I wonder what Andy would think of an iPad?

-- Chau Tu

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