Monday, May 16, 2011

Check It. Byliner.

I read a really great piece this weekend in the L.A. Times, about the future of journalism. It seems, in fact, that it may be able to find new life in this digital age.

It will be greatly helped by the efforts of ambitious and passionate ventures such as Byliner. The digital-only publisher is devoted to bringing long-form pieces of journalism into the new age by enlisting well-respected writers and creating inventive, interactive packages to complement stories. Byliner's newest offering, for example, is a piece by William T. Vollmann on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The piece is all the great writing one would expect from Vollmann, without any page or word limits, and with intense attention to aesthetic appeal.

It's exactly the sort of product that shows how great journalism can still be, and can be for the future. Check it out, it's sure to be an inspiring way to start your week.

William T. Vollmann's "Into the Forbidden Zone" is available on the Kindle and the iPad for $2.99.

-- Chau Tu

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