Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do It. Elizabeth Taylor tribute at the Egyptian.

It was truly sad to hear of the passing of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor just a few weeks back. But now it's time to honor her in the best way we could: rewatching her magic on the big screen.

Beginning tomorrow, the American Cinematheque will be holding "Lovely Tumult: A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor" at the Egyptian. Watch for screenings of all of Taylor's best works, from A Place in the Sun to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to, of course, Cleopatra.

Additionally, ticket buyers will be eligible to enter a drawing for a free DVD box set of Elizabeth Taylor classics, and all will receive $2 off admission to the nearby Hollywood Museum, where a current exhibition houses Taylor’s gold throne and palace ornaments from Cleopatra, and her blue one-shoulder gown and cape and her hat from National Velvet, among other treasures.

Relive your favorite, or watch them all for the first time -- and honor a true legend.

"Lovely Tumult: A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor" takes place beginning Thursday, May 5 until Saturday, May 15 at the Egyptian Theatre, located at 6712 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Each screening is $11 each. Check showtimes here.

-- Chau Tu

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