Friday, October 22, 2010

Advance Notice. Four Day Weekend in San Diego.

I still remember the first time I saw The Dodos. I was at the El Rey to see Les Savy Fav, and was frankly taken aback when this two-man band walked onstage to start playing an acoustic set. That was it -- two guys, one on drums and one on guitar, both singing and both totally on their game. The passion and care they took to their music was blatant and beautiful, and I instantly fell in love with their easygoing, simple yet intricate songs.

They're still not playing huge venues, but I can only imagine seeing them in small spaces anyway; I'm sure that's the best way to experience them. Which is why the Four Day Weekend in San Diego, hosted by Sezio at Sushi Art in the East Village seems like a worthy road trip. The four-day (duh) event is aimed at bringing music to its audience in an intimate and special setting (last year's event took place in a loft; Sushi Art is just a tad bigger), and highlight local bands. Besides the Dodos, you have a chance to check out LBC's own Avi Buffalo, as well as Dominant Legs and The Tree Ring.

The best part is each of the shows is only $10. But be sure to grab these tickets early -- the venue is small, after all. Start planning!

Four Day Weekend takes place Nov. 4-7 at Sushi Art in San Diego. Buy tickets here.

-- Chau Tu

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