Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eat In. Peruvian fried rice.

Peruvian food is really unique, and sometimes can be hard to find affordably in the Los Angeles area. Peruvian food is a blend of Chinese and Spanish food since there is a large population of both groups in the South American country. This recipe is a combination of Chinese fried rice with Peruvian flavors, a really good fusion of two very tasty foods.

The other night, I went out for Peruvian food, and found a very delicious fried Peruvian rice, that itself is nutritious and filling enough for an entire meal. This is easy to make, and if you soak the beans overnight this is pretty easy to cook up.

For seasonings you can use salt, pepper, and the amazing El Pato red liquid salsa in a can which may be the best salsa for making Mexican-style rice (the yellow one with the duck on the can).

What you'll need:

-- One stalk of green onions
-- Two tomatoes, diced
-- beans, white, just not black
-- peas, if you want
-- corn if you want
-- really any vegetable you chose
-- white rice
-- One can El Pato salsa
-- One or two cloves of garlic

What you'll do:

1. Soak the beans overnight, or if you want to do this the same day "flash boil" them (where they are in simmering water for about 30 minutes. This is a lot of work though, you have to be constantly refilling the water in pan -- kind of a pain).

2. For the rice, put a bit of vegetable oil or butter (NOT olive oil) in a pan with garlic and toast the rice totally dry. Then prepare as usual with just a bit less water -- as much as a can of El Pato salsa.

3. Cook vegetables separately as usual, with peas, onions, corn, carrots, whatever you've selected together. The add the egg to the medley and scramble. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Add the veggie/egg combination to the rice and take off the heat.

5. Mash the beans so they are chunky but have a somewhat smooth consistency.

6. Mix the bean mash into the rice/egg/veggie blend. This will make the meal more hearty and satisfying.

-- Lauren Williams

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