Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do It. Help Belle and Sebastian write about love (and have them write about you!).

Scottish indie-twee-pop band Belle and Sebastian are pretty well-versed in the language of love. They even appropriately named their latest album Belle and Sebastian Write About Love. But now they're turning the tables on their fans.

In possibly the coolest idea for a contest in a while, the band is asking their fans to submit 300 words about love. It can be anything about love -- who, what, when, how, etc. Then, using a code found inside all physical copies of Write About Love, you can use those 300 words to enter a contest to have B&S frontman Stuart Murdoch (a love legend, as you may have it) come to your hometown, hang out with you for an afternoon, and then write a song about you to be released on a future B&S 7" to be released later in the year. You can have a song written about you! By a well-known rockstar! He'll hang out with you too!

So get on to writing those love words already! And trust me, getting the physical copy of the album is totally worth it too -- not only can you enter this awesome contest, but the music is pretty excellent as well (the title track just happens to feature the cutest cameo by Carey Mulligan...yes, that one).

Get more details on the contest here. Good luck!

-- Chau Tu

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