Monday, December 27, 2010

Check It. Duotrope.

If you're starting out your Monday after the holiday a little ambitious and you're an aspiring or published author, Duotrope's Digest is a great site out there for writers looking to publish their work.

The site matches writers with appropriate genres, mediums, and themes, as well as keeps track of deadlines for submissions. They also record the percentage of submissions actually published in the magazine (Some of the big ones: The New Yorker has a submission acceptance of .51%; The Atlantic Monthly has a 96.40% rejection; Believer has a 97.20% rejection.)

Duotrope does keep track of nearly every literary journal out there, and seeing each mag's stats is totally fascinating (for me at least). So if you have a short story laying around that you'd like to see in published, check it out.

-- Lauren Williams

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