Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do It. Build a beard for a good cause.

If you want to get into the holiday spirit by giving back, this is a fun easy way to contribute to Kiva, an organization that works in micro-lending.

Capitalizing on the popularity of bead/stache craze, Build a Beard is donating $1 for every person who takes a picture of themselves with a printout of a beard attached to their face. Not too hard.

I think this could even be an excellent holiday season party game, and an even easier way to raise money. You could even make a photo booth kind of activity out of it.

Just print off the beard/stache of your choice, cut it out, take a picture with your beard on, and send it to the email on the site (instructions above). Some of the best looks are the rapper, Poseidon, handlebars, Lincoln, and of course Santa.

-- Lauren Williams

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