Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do It. Spend NYE in downtown L.A.

Spending New Year's Eve right in the thick of it all -- right in the middle of downtown -- is always a reliable choice, and this year, you've even got the excuse of a great bar crawl to take you all the way to midnight and beyond.

213 Nightlife, the owners of the bars that have basically revived the downtown nightlife scene all by themselves -- Broadway Bar, Golden Gopher, Casey's, Seven Grand, Cole's, etc. -- are holding NYE Downtown L.A., where crawlers can experience open bars at all eight of their downtown properties. Yes, open bar. (Obviously mostly applies for well drinks/beers on tap...fancier stuff is sure to still cost you if you so desire it). Plus, there'll be entertainment at most of the places, including a live performance by Gram Rabbit at Casey's.

Just can't get any better, right? It's downtown, it's New Year's Eve, we all need a drink from this past year, it's a bar crawl featuring the best bars in downtown (and arguably the city!), and hell, even the Metro is free all night (which you should definitely take advantage of if you take part in this). The night might cost you a pretty penny at $119 (but rumor has it that if you enter the code "blogdowntown" you'll get $20 off!), but that's how NYE in L.A. usually goes. And it's open bar -- as if I needed to remind you. Buy your tickets here. And be safe out there while celebrating!

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: 213 Nightlife

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