Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Check It. KCRW merch.

You've only got about eight more days until the end of the year, and your last chance to get that tax write-off for the next year. Don't know where to offer your extra dollars?

KCRW, arguably L.A.'s best public radio station, is always a great choice. They're set to kick off their latest membership drive in late January (and you should sign up to volunteer!), but in the meantime, you can still become a KCRW member and enjoy the benefits. There are a multitude of packages you could choose to both donate and get rewards, but my pick right now would have to be the new T-shirts and mugs. If you happened to watch the awesome documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop earlier this year, you're sure to recognize the name of the artist: Mr. Brainwash. The street artist has offered his services to make for some fun KCRW merch, and a quick and easy donation to the station. (On a related note, the Kleen Kanteen was designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.)

You could always make a donation in the name of someone else too -- a perfect last minute Christmas gift! Check out all your options here. Happy giving!

-- Chau Tu

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  1. Wait, does this mean "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was indeed a hoax? Otherwise, somebody at KCRW missed the point...or is stereotyping their audience brilliantly.