Friday, December 17, 2010

Check It. Gorillaz Advent Calendar.

I've already mentioned how much I enjoyed Gorillaz's Plastic Beach album from this past year, and right now, Damon Albarn and Co. are just continuing the awesomeness. Earlier this month they unveiled a Gorillaz Advent Calendar on their website, releasing goodies day-by-day in traditional holiday fashion.

Among the treats already revealed? A behind-the-scenes video of a Gorillaz soundcheck (it's fun to see what goes on behind their great live show!), Jamie Hewlett desktop wallpaper, a music video featuring Plastic Beach guest star Snoop Dogg, and even a Gorillaz-themed online game called Submatronic.

But alas, the best reason to keep opening the little doors will be final days of calendar, when the band is set to release a music video for a new song on the 24th, and on Christmas, the entire new album from which that song comes from. A brand spanking new Gorillaz album (recorded entirely on an iPad, by the way. Get the whole story here) -- oh and for free too! Happy Christmas to us!

-- Chau Tu

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