Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Advance Notice. Rainn Wilson and "SoulPancake" at USC.

Rainn Wilson is best known as Dwight from "The Office," but you shouldn't dismiss Wilson as the heartless dork he plays on TV. It turns out that Wilson's actually written a book, and this ain't no Al Roker mystery novel.

No no, instead, Wilson implores readers of SoulPancake to ponder the big questions: "Have you ever wondered how your thoughts affect reality? Or if you only had one hour left to live, how you’d spend it? Would you want to know the exact moment you die? What does art have to do with the soul?" The book, thought great illustration and design, pushes readers to examine these thoughts while providing quotes and ideas from others that have circulated throughout history. "How do you determine truth?" for example, is seen above, accompanied by a quote from Harry Truman: "Intense feeling too often obscures the truth." The page also asks "What is truth?" and "What's one thing you know for sure?"

It's digging deep, but that's the point. And you can even get the choice to dig into Wilson's own mind, when he and his SoulPancake co-authors makes an appearance at USC on April 25th. The event is free, and there's a book signing to follow. Check out more info on the event here, and on the book here.

An Evening with the SoulPancake authors takes place on April 25th at 7:30pm at USC's Bovard Auditorium, located at 3551 Trousdale Pkwy. near downtown.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: SoulPancake

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