Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check It. 'Moonwalking with Einstein'.

While perusing the New York Times this morning, I found an excellent book review of Joshua Foer's (brother of Jonathan Safran Foer) latest: a reflection on our collective loss of memory.

Foer's "Moonwalking with Einstein" stems from a 2006 article he wrote for According to NYT, in this book Foer like Malcolm Gladwell makes scientific concepts tangible and easy to read, which I definitely believe.

With his smart, but conversational tone and powerful storytelling I can only imagine this is going to be another hit.

-- Lauren Williams

*An earlier version of this post mistakenly attributed the "Einstein" to Jonathan Safran Foer. Thanks for the heads up, readers!


  1. Isn't his name Jonathan...not Joshua?

  2. Josh is Jon's younger brother:

    and there's a third Foer!