Monday, March 7, 2011

Do It. Lykke Li at Amoeba.

Lykke Li's L.A. shows this week at the Wiltern and El Rey went on sale sometime last year and sold out quickly. And this was way before her latest, powerful and beautiful album Wounded Rhymes was even close to leaking (it was officially released last week). But the Swedish beauty is still giving you another chance to see her live.

We told you about the Mondrian Sessions a while back -- and hey! Guess who the special guest this Thursday is (you are probably still be able to RSVP to this, by the way)! -- but if you just can't wait, head on over to Amoeba tonight at 6pm (but you should get there way earlier) and see Lykke do her thing. The new record is darker, more sultry than her debut pop effort, but Lykke says that this is definitely more her style. So get ready to see her rock.

Lykke Li will be performing today at 6pm at Amoeba Music, located at 6400 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

-- Chau Tu

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