Monday, April 26, 2010

Check It. 'The Clock Without a Face.'

Who doesn't love a good mystery? How about one involving the entire United States, and one you can solve yourself?! If you're quick enough, that is.

That's the premise and hook for one of McSweeney's latest releases, The Clock Without a Face. The oddly-shaped pentagon of a book is written by Gus Twiting, and takes readers to the world of the Ternky Tower, where a robbery has occurred on each of its 13 stories. Your job? Conduct your own investigations and solve the mysteries--the answers of whodunit and how are all inside the book.

As are clues to the real-life locations of 12 emerald-studded numbers from the story. Figure out where the numbers are, and you can dig them up to claim the victory--unless someone else beats you to the punch. A real deal scavenger hunt; better get to dissecting the clues now! Good luck!

-- Chau Tu

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