Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat In. Green bean salad.

A fresh, but hearty salad, this mix of raw nuts, bleu cheese, with a light mustard dressing can either be a tasty side dish to another course, or can be filling enough for a meal itself. I've already had this for dinner twice this week, and am ready to go back to the market for more green beans -- it's that good.

My mom made this a few years ago and I loved it, so it became the vegetarian side dish at all major meals, including Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays, Christmas. You name a holiday, this was on our table.

The ingredients list here is a bit pricey, (the walnuts and a hunk of bleu cheese can get costly), but it's really a tasty dish and might be worth shelling out a little extra.

What you'll need:

A handful of walnuts, chopped
flat-leaf parsley, a bit more than just to garnish, chopped
mustard (dijon or stone ground, I prefer stone ground)
red wine vinegar (I used balsamic and it worked just fine)
extra virgin olive oil
a half pound of green beans
(A side note: Find green beans that have firm, brightly colored skin when shopping. Never get limp green beans that do not have smooth skin. They should make a cracking sound when you snap them in half before cooking. If they don't throw the bad ones away.)
salt to taste

What to do:

1. Wash the dirt off the beans and break off the rough tips. Snap them in half if they are long.

2. Toss into a boiling pot, or if possible steam.

3. While they are softening, crush the walnuts, break off a few small cubes of bleu cheese, and chop the parsley finely. Set aside.

4. In a separate small container, whisk mustard, olive oil, and vinegar together to taste. If you prefer a more tart flavor add more vinegar. Don't over do it with the olive oil. No one likes greasy beans.

5. Mix all the ingredients in a dish, starting with the dressing and topping with the nuts, cheese, and parsley. I've seen this served with red grapes, but love it too much to vary from this recipe.

6. Most importantly ...


-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: the BEAT

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