Monday, April 12, 2010

Check It. Kid Cudi's music videos [The Monday Download].

Now that his acting debut How to Make It in America has finished its season on HBO, are you missing Kid Cudi yet? You shouldn't, because he's got a slew of videos to keep you company in the meantime.

Admittedly, it was the rapper's "Day 'n' Nite" video that first got me interested in his music; his cool, laidback style in the cut proved he wasn't just out to be another club-banger, but a more thoughtful (and stylish) and playful wordsmith. His immediate cinematic follow-ups were pretty to the norm, from the live concert footage to the Hype Williams-biting (but still cute). His latest ones, though, have been a lot more fun.

The first is typical music video fare, with the hot girls and the senseless, fun theme, but the fact that Cudi's actually doing a music video to the remix of one of his songs is pretty sweet. Definitely playful, and a great to-the-beat cut from the video editor.

Here's the winner though: an alternate version, as it seems, of "Pursuit of Happiness." The song originally got a lot of hype because of the unexpected collaboration with MGMT and Ratatat, and now, this video finally brings the partnership to visual fruition (or at least, for the latter). Plus--visual effects!

So his videos can be hit or miss, but they're entertaining in the least, and hey, he ain't bad to look at it either.

-- Chau Tu

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