Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do It. James Franco and Gus Van Sant's "Unfinished".

Beverly Hills' Gagosian Gallery has an exciting new exhibition: "Unfinished", by James Franco and Gus Van Sant. Between acting in several films a year, going to graduate school, and co-hosting the Oscars, it's impressive Franco has time for anything else at all--let alone an awesome art show.

The exhibit features two films, Endless Idaho, and My Own Private River. While working together on 2008's Milk, Van Sant showed Franco unused footage from his 1991 film My Own Private Idaho, and Franco had the idea to use it to make two new films (the titles of these new works are an homage to the original film).

Eight art works on paper by Van Sant (who studied painting and cinema at RISDE) accompany the films.

February 26 - April 9

456 North Camden Drive in Beverly Hills. Info: (310) 271-9400,

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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