Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do It. A great manicure.

Finding a reliable place for a decent manicure is no easy task. Yesterday evening, after just over a week of dark (when in New York ... ) nails, I wanted it off, and a fresh application of a more comfortable pretty pale pink.

I ended up getting one of the best manicures I've ever had (and I've had quite a few in my day) at Express Nails on Robertson, just below Gregory Way in Beverly Hills. For $11.

If you live in West L.A./Beverly Hills/West Hollywood/Hollywood, or even if you don't, I highly recommend it. They have a wide selection of colors, and I went with Essie's creamy pale pink "Adore-a-Ball" (pictured above) after briefly considering the slightly more clear "Mademoiselle".

Other nail salon recommendations:

Deluxe Nail Bar and Spa (2913 Main Street in Santa Monica)

Montana Nails (1411 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica)

Jessica's Nail Clinic (8627 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood; appointment only)

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

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