Friday, February 18, 2011

Do It. Scion "Installation 7" art show.

I've talked about my admiration for the work of artist David Choe here on the BEAT before, and if you so happened to have sadly missed that show, you've got another chance to see Choe's work in person.

He'll be part of Scion's "Installation 7" art show coming around to Culver City this month. It's the 7th time around for this national art tour, which features emerging artists from all over the country in effort to push for artistic expression and raise money for art-related charities. The line-up this time, even besides Choe, is pretty amazing: Cheryl Dunn, Franki Chan, Gluekit, Mackie Osborne, Matt Goldman, and The London Police. There's even a small twist -- all the work is in video format, something for which many of the participating artists are not known for.

Which such diverse artists combined with this video challenge, the show will definitely be eclectic and fun. And the opening reception this Saturday, too, will not disappoint. RSVP for the free party (the art show itself is free too) here, and get out and enjoy some awesome art!

"Installation 7" will be taking place Feb. 19-March 12 at Scion International LA, located at 3521 Helms Ave. in Culver City.

-- Chau Tu

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