Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eat Out. Ludo Truck.

When I spotted Chef Ludo Lefebvre's truck on Melrose Avenue on Saturday morning, I knew we had to stop. Having never been to this particular food truck before--nor any of the super popular Ludo Bites pop up spots, there was no way I'd pass up the opportunity when lunchtime was approaching.

Jonathan Gold named Ludo's fried chicken one of the 99 things you should eat in L.A. before you die. Is it really that good? In a word, yes.

The chicken was really delicious--hot, flavorful white meat strips--my favorite. The honey lavender biscuit was different than I expected (sort of dense - definitely not your typical fluffy biscuit) but was nevertheless quite tasty. The cole slaw was pretty good too--crisp and fresh, but nothing to write home about. A thirst-quenching basil blood orange agua fresca rounded out the quick roadside meal perfectly.


-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

Photo credits: the BEAT

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