Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Advance Notice. Youth in Revolt.

Somehow, through his various roles as the lovable George Michael (Arrested Development) to the kind-of-ass Michael Cera (Paper Heart), Michael Cera has become that actor people love to love or love to hate. He's always playing the same sort of character, but it's one that you can't help but like, and goshdarnit if Cera isn't just a cute, bumbling Canadian.

But this next movie may be a test of Cera's staying power. In Youth in Revolt, Cera not only plays Nick Twisp--a by-the-book coming-of-age Cera character--but also Francois, Twisp's cooler, more confident alter ego. Can Cera defy us all and become someone actually different?

See for yourself at a sneak preview screening of the film at the Hammer Museum this Thursday. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Miguel Arteta and Cera himself. If that feels like it'll be too much Cera for you (unbelievable!), you can always check out the film when it's released on Friday.

**BONUS TRACK: Perhaps we have underestimated Mr. Cera...-- Chau Tu

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