Monday, January 4, 2010

Do It. A new do.

If a few of your New Year's Resolutions were to both save money and get a new look, then you're in luck. Rudy's Barbershops located in the Silverlake, Melrose, and Downtown areas of LA as well as Santa Monica and Hollywood, are quick, stylish, and affordable.

Men's buzz cuts are $15, styling $24 (for men), and for women, a wash, cut, and styling is usually about $35. Another bonus is that they only use quality products: Bumble & Bumble.

I've never had a bad cut here and never waited more than five minutes. The one downside: Sometimes the stylists and the clientele have a too-cool-for-you attitude, and some of the cuts are a bit too modern/stylish/cool.

But all of the hairdressers are very knowledgeable. Because of my curly hair, I've had so many people that don't understand that one inch while it's wet, means three when it's dry for the curly haired person. The stylists at Rudy's know exactly how to treat hair of all types, and have great recommendations.

Other locations around the Pacific Northwest are in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, if you're traveling.

Pictured above is the Rudy's off Melrose, but I usually go to the one Downtown inside the Standard hotel, off 5th and Flower.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Flickr.

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