Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make It. Decorating with wrapping paper.

I really would like my apartment to be well-designed and covered in unique art pieces, but even framing $35 prints that take up about thismuch wall space is simply not in my budget. At Kelly Green the other day though (check it out in person, the website is terrible), I found a solution. Above the cash register they had displayed some beautiful wrapping paper in a frame. Brilliant! So I bought some for myself and 3 dollars--plus a cheap-o ikea frame--later, I had a wintry birch tree scene decorating nearly 2.5 feet of bare wall. Look at this Peacock I found on Amazon:

It just goes to show how relative price is. Designer gift wrap is super expensive if you're using it only to pretty-up presents. But if you're wrapping your home with it? Well, then it's a steal. Look for high quality papers with non-repeating patterns and come in manageable sheet sizes (you don't want to measure and cut off a roll). Check out some examples I found at the Paper Studio below.

-- Heather Robertson

Photo credits: Amazon and The Paper Studio

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