Monday, January 4, 2010

Eat In. Lentil salad.

A refreshing, healthy salad that is very easy to make early in the week and stores well is the lentil salad. Before my aunt made this for me, I didn't know you could use lentils in anything other than lentil soup, but this salad is very easy and quite tasty.

What you'll need:

--Steamed, packaged dark lentils, available at Trader Joe's
--One Granny Smith apple, finely cubed
--red onion, also finely cubed
--red bell pepper, diced
--dried cranberries, optional
--balsamic dressing

Just combine all these ingredients together in a large bowl, adding dressing and salt to taste. As the week progresses, the lentils will absorb more of the dressing and become a bit tastier. It may be better to let this sit a while before eating, actually. Super easy and healthy.

Bon appetit!

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Food Network

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