Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check It. I'm From Barcelona's 27 Songs.

What do you do when you're a Swedish musician/songwriter and have 26 (or 28?) musically-talented friends? Start a undeniably lovable band called I'm From Barcelona, make awesome sing-along songs like this, and release 27 songs on the internet for free.

I'm From Barcelona's back story is about as simple and sweet as the music they make: the group was created in 2005 after Emanuel Lundgren rounded up 28 friends to record the pop songs he had written, and together they released two full-length albums and toured the world. Now, they're taking inspiration from Kiss' simultaneously released solo albums from 1974 and releasing a song from each of the now-27 members for free online (and on triple vinyl! But not for free) beginning today.

The first song up is guitarist/banjoist Daniel Lindlöf's "Lower My Head," and it's a dreamy pop concoction that's already stuck in my head. 27 Swedish pop songs?! You just can't go wrong.

-- Chau Tu
Thanks to Brown Bear for the tip!

Photo credit: I'm From Barcelona

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