Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check It. Hijabulous.

Who ever said being stylish and abiding by Muslim laws were incompatible? Should there be a shred of doubt that women can both be beautiful and observe their religion, the interesting, LA-based Hijabulous has totally blown such thoughts out of the water.

Her mission? To be "a Hijabi's guide to staying fabulous in Southern California." Among her posts are about interesting fashion trends popping up throughout SoCal, like ruffled cropped cardigans (which she loves) or the questionable fur hijab. She even includes shopping tips for the bargain shopper.

Some of the content even begins to boarder on politics, with Shepard Fairey prints of women in burkas carry guns with flowers and one Palestinian woman peeking through a wall.

Anyway you look at it, the anonymous poster has created a forum for discussing images of Muslim women in a new context, and has made a happy home for those women who want to look good while staying true to their faith.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Hijabulous of Shepard Fairey.

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