Monday, January 11, 2010

Eat Out. Zeyphr Vegetarian Cafe.

It's really hard to find good faux restaurants, even in a vegetarian-friendly area like Greater Los Angeles. Zeyphr Vegetarian Cafe may be one of my favorite faux-friendly, all-veggie places that is cheap and tasty.

The first time I visited Zeyphrs I got their BLT, skeptical that it might come with that funny, no-meat-in-this-meaty-dish taste, but it was excellent. Thicker than MorningStar bacon, this was actually more like bacon -- except flakier and less homogeneous.

Everything is served with a side of fresh salsa and blue corn chips, and the portions are generous.

I have a soft spot for places that have board games (because you actually feel like hanging around and spending some time there), and checkers, backgammon, and maybe Chinese checkers are there, along with plenty of magazines, giving it a stay-as-long-as-you-want feeling.

Zeyphr Vegetarian Cafe is located at 340 E. 4th Street in Long Beach.

-- Lauren Williams

Photo credit: Yelp!

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